If you wish to make an appointment with Mr Long to be seen in Coote's Lane, Kilkenny or Barrington's Hospital, Limerick please obtain a referral letter from your medical practitioner.

In urgent cases we will make every effort to see patients within 24 to 48 hours. Please ring us on 056-7723252 or email info@sportsinjurysurgery.org and we will facilitate you.

Biodex System

Biodex System

At the Sports Injury Surgery we have installed a Biodex computer muscle testing system.

This machine measures power and endurance in different muscle groups. It compares limbs in individuals to the opposite side and to normative data.

It can also work in rehab mode as an isokinetic, isometric or isotonic exercise machine.

It works particularly well in identifying muscle group weakness which is not easily assessed on clinical examination. These weaknesses are important in long-term hamstring, groin, calf and shoulder injuries.

A specific programme can then be planned which the athlete can do themselves or on the Biodex machine. Retesting will determine a return to full training.

Balance Training Unit

Balance Training Unit

The Sports Injury Surgery at Coote’s Lane also has a computerised balance training unit. This machine gives an objective test of an athlete’s balance and proprioception fitness.

This is especially important when returning from knee and ankle injuries.

Balance Training includes proprioception and stabilization exercise, range of motion and weight shift exercises.

The machine will also assess the risk of falling in the elderly.